Scavengers Update, Game Update

I have made quite a few updates in the past 3 months. For me it seems strange that that much time has passed, but it doesn't surprise me as I have been extremely busy. Among other things, I'm finally back to working full time and not constantly worried about money, so that's a nice change. In less awesome personal life news, one of my friends recently lost a close family member due to Covid. Lets just say that it's been a rollercoaster of being very busy IRL.


Scavs are now playable, and what's more, I'm actually having fun playing vs them. For whatever reason I have trouble playing singleplayer games lately and having fun. I was hoping that scavengers could bridge that gap for me in evo, and it seems to be working. Last time I tried it I genuinely had a really good time. It still needs a lot of number monkeying to get it dialed in well, but it's progressing nicely. Speaking of, you can play scavengers. Just join the alpha multiplayer host and choose scaveners as the opposing ai opponent. It's pretty fun. A lot of the expanded functionality isn't there yet, but the basic gamemode is.

Game changes

EMP usage is being scaled back. Frankly the engine give me no good way to use emp. The emp that we have been using since forever works fairly well, but it's RNG asf and is exploitable vs Zaal. As of today, emp only exists in the form of the emp plane. Instead the riot tanks are using the shotgun mode permanently now. The overseer is now using a heavily nerfed form of the machine gun from the battle overseer. And now that I say this I realize that I think I forgot to change the emp in some of the other overseer forms, so I'm just going to slap a WIP on this.

As far as machine gun strength, it enables a 10k hp overseer to take on 10 kites and win with 466hp left. So yes, the machinegun is pretty weak, but that's exactly the point as it's only purpose is to make it a little bit harder to gank an overseer in the early game as well as allow a player to have some protection vs heavy rushes.

Other junk

I know that scavs haven't been very well defined as of yet, but most of the reason for that is because they aren't totally fleshed out yet, still a WIP. A very strong WIP, but a WIP nonetheless. I plan on doing some in depth post about scavs as well as a couple other things in the future.

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