A quick update

I don't usually like writing newsposts and stuff like that. I find them to be incredibly tiring to write. I never can get out what I mean and instead I communicate best in discord, but I'm going to try to sum up what I've been going through.

I took a long break from evo and anything development related. I got pretty burned out. When I decided I wanted to work on it again, I also decided that I was done dealing with the mess that is steam. I far prefer itch in literally every way. The build process with butler is a breeze, it's super easy to control, etc. I always refer to itch as steam for indie devs.

Game changes (roughly lain out):

I had a friend try out evo a few weeks ago. He really liked it but mentioned multiple times how complex it was. I agree, it has grown quite complex over time. The only way for me to do unit upgrades to this point have been through morphs, which ended up causing you to have to morph the actual factories. This had the downside of making it harder to techswitch or incorporate other techs into your builds because they would be much weaker.

Mex upgrading has been a monumental chore due to having to upgrade them 3 times to get full effectiveness. It really starts to feel like busywork.

So without going into more detail, unnecessary morphs have been just removed from the gme entirely. Maddox (TA Prime developer) has offered to extend one of his upgrade gadgets to work in a more traditional manner so that I can have basic armor and attack upgrades without  having to swap units in and out.

Current upgrades for Ateran are like this:

Mex -> Upgraded mex (full power)

Tech1 -> Tech2 ->Tech3

And that's literally about it. Much more simple now and I think gameplay will be much better for it.

Unrelated AI crap:

Currently I am pushing to remove DAI completely in favor of Damgam's scavengers. Scavengers is an AI that works as an entire gamemode and has a lot of really neat features. If I get ym way, scavs will completely replace DAI and playing vs the AI will be really fun and interesting. Imo DAI is a bit of a snoozefest. Scavs have objectives, timed events, etc. Lots of really cool things.


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